A Little Bit About Me

I have an undergraduate degree majoring in Genetics and Biochemistry, an Honours Degree in Genetics and an MSc Degree in Clinical Immunology. This means that I have a thorough understanding of the relationship between bacterial microbiomes and health, and can help you navigate the science of birth with evidence based care. I will use this to your benefit during you pregnancy, birth and postnatal period. 


I am an avid bookworm (fantasy being the best genre of course), I love gardening, being outdoors and eating delicious food (it really helps that my husband was a chef!). I really enjoy an early morning walk with the dog and toddler at the park. Preferable with coffee and a treat!

In 2019 I had my baby girl and it was an absolutely life-changing, identity-shifting, ground-shuddering event in my life.


At 41+2 I went in for a second sweep where I casually mentioned slightly reduced movement, without realising the cascade of check-ups that that would involve. The next day we checked into the hospital where I was given a pessary - after 12h I thought I had food-poisoning (and desperately called my husband at 4AM from the bathroom so he could fetch the midwife), only to be told I was in the first stage of labour. 

After about 23h of dropping in and out of active labour, I had my waters broken. When I didn't go into active labour at 29h , I was put on the hormonal drip with an epidural overnight which dilated me from 3cm to 10cm and my daughter was born at 7:51AM! 

I am currently pregnant with my second child, due in August 2021. 

You can read my Breastfeeding Journey Here.

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