Hello, and Welcome to my website! My name is Aerin Bezuidenhout, and I am a South African living in Scotland. 

Birth is an incredible event, and I feel it is an honour to help prepare you, and support you through your journey to becoming a mother. I will be there for you and your family to ensure that you have a solid support system for your birth, and postnatal period. 

I believe in working together with you and your family, to ensure that you feel comfortable & confident with your body, birth, and baby.

So what is a Doula?


A Doula acts as an emotional and physical support for the mother, and family. 


  • We are there to support you with your choices, 

  • Advocate for you when needed, 

  • Maintain a positive communication between you and the medical staff, 

  • Support your breastfeeding journey,

  • Work with you to bring about a positive birth experience. 


A Doula works with you to ensure that you have informed choice, helping you to navigate all of your birthing options, build a birth plan, and to ensure that you are confident in yourself for your birth. 

Ina May Gaskin describes the support as being the mother to the birthing mother, where they stay with her through all of her changes in labour and believe in her. A Doula does not replace a birthing mother’s support system, but is there to bolster the support she already has and ensure that she has everything she needs through her labour and postnatal period. 


Catherine Bell explains it through the analogy where a Doula plays the role of a sherpa when climbing a mountain.


The benefits of having a Doula to support you in your pregnancy, birth and postnatal period include: 

  • Reduced rate in being induced. 

  • Less likely to have pain relief. 

  • Reduced risk of instrumental birth. 

  • Less likely to have a cesarean. 

  • Reduced anxiety. 

  • Shorter labour.

  • Better memory and experience of birth. 

  • Increased confidence. 

  • Increased rate of initiating breastfeeding.

"Birth is a matter of letting your baby out, not getting your baby out" 

Natalie Meddings, Why Home Birth Matters

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